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Jackson Hole Top 5 Activities

Jackson Hole Aerial Tram

The new Jackson Hole Aerial Tram is twice the size and speed of the old tram covering the 4,139 feet trip from the ski base area to the top of Rendezvous Mountain in just 9 minutes. The tram has stunning views of Rendezvous Mountain and the surrounding peaks. On a fresh powder morning hardcore skiers and snowboarders queue for up to an hour and a half before the tram opens to ensure the first fresh powder tracks. The locals call it rendezvous fever!

At the top snow riders are greeted with adrenaline pumping off piste extreme inbound terrain. Some go right and chose the wide but very steep Rendezvous Bowl whilst others go left to the experts only Corbet’s Couloir. The Rendezvous Bowl begins with a wide open powder field before narrowing into steep chutes, cliff drops and challenging tight tree covered terrain.

Corbet's Couloir Jackson Hole

Corbet's Couloir at the top of Rendezvous Mountain is the most well known extreme off piste run in North America. The Couloir (French for passage or corridor) begins at the top of the Jackson Hole Tram with a hair raising vertical sheer drop lined on all sides by huge boulders. After snow-riders land a 20 foot drop and pull off the first hair raising tight turns, the lower terrain widens but doesn’t get any less vertical!

Corbet's Couloir is the ultimate adrenaline rush for speed and powder junkies around the world. One of the biggest attractions is Jackson Hole's ever changing snow and weather conditions; it is a completely different challenge in fresh powder to what it is in foggy conditions in packed week old snow. It should only be attempted by very advanced skiers or snowboarders.

Extreme Skiing at Jackson Hole

Home to Corbet's Couloir the most famous and expert piste in North America, Jackson Hole is America's number 1 extreme skiing and snowboarding destination. It offers skiers and snowboarders an out of bounds feel and challenges that no other U.S. resorts can. The majority of the terrain is left in its natural ungroomed state with not a lot of marked trails; more just suggested route markers. The terrain is steep and challenging with a total of 2,500 acres of inbounds terrain and over 3000 acres of open gate accessed back country terrain.

Jackson Hole Snowmobile Tours

Jackson Hole Snowmobile Tours offer day trips exploring neighbouring Yellowstone National Park. Guests are collected from their accommodation at Jackson Hole and driven to Yellowstone where expert snowmobile guides lead the way through Yellowstone Canyon in some of the most stunning scenery on earth. Stop to photograph wild animals, frozen waterfalls and rocky peaks. The Yellowstone snowmobile tour covers over 120 miles and includes breakfast, lunch and all snowmobile gear. The cost per person is $289.00.

Dog Sled Rides Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole Iditarod Sled Dog Tours take day tours to the nearby Granite Hot Springs. Guests are greeted by the beautiful friendly and well trained Alaskan sled dogs eager to start running. While guests sit back and relax in the modern warm sled the musher/guide points out places of interest and any local wildlife. Once at the Granite Hot Springs guests are encouraged to strip down to their bathers and soak in the hot springs while a hot lunch is being prepared. Day tours run from 8am to 4pm and are weather dependent.


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